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Make Your Closet Feel Like a Store!

Nothing drives me crazy like a messy closet. During the pandemic most of the clothes i used were neatly folded in my chest drawers. My closet was a different story. It seems as if I just started dumping all my clothes on my closet floor and never went back in. It was a mess. A disaster. I needed to do something.

So, I went immediately into research mode. I am not the handiest when it comes to building stuff. When I say building, I mean buying my own lumber and building a closet system. A professionally installed closet system would be great however, there is a waiting list at most professional design closet providers and many of the systems I would be interested in were way over four thousand dollars which seemed a little steep to me. Then it came to me, what if I made it look like a retail store? BINGO! I went straigt to Amazon and started looking.

I have a lot of clothes. So I needed something that was industrial strength to hang my clothes. Yes, I have racks in my closet but they aren't doing it for me. They look dated. They also can't take the weight of my clothes. I decided to go with these. One thing I may do to make it more chic is spray paint them gold.

I grabbed a few of the rods. My closet is an odd shape and I wasn't sure how I wanted to position them. I figure I'd use all the ones I purchased, but if not I can always return them. Now on to the next purchase.

How can I make it look like a "finished" closet and a store? I needed shelves to showcase my bags and shoes. My initial thought was to purchase bookshelves from one of the local shops but since everyone is into rehabbing and organizing these days because they are home a lot, there is never any stock. I decided to go with these. I ordered one 71 inch book shelf and a smaller three tier 41 inch adjustable shelf . Im also super tempted to add a garment rack like the one below but I'll wait to see if I can fit it in the design somewhere. I really like the gold book case at the bottom as well and its about the same size as the 5 shelf white book case however I would just have to increase my budget.

The next thing I needed to get were things to store my accessories. This was super fun. I wanted a place that I can view the earrings I wear the most but also needed a nice velvet case for my more expensive pieces.

I have a ton of sunglasses and wanted to showcase because I never know what pair is in what case so these stands will do the trick.

I have two walk-in closets in my room so what I don't use on my side I will use in his. Going to go pick up some paint, and going to get started on this project. I will post pictures soon.

Stay tuned for my next blog when I share some great shopping finds on what to fill your new fancy closet with.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases


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