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High End Furniture Store vs. Budget Friendly Alternatives

Love high end furniture stores but don't love the prices? There is no need to burden your wallet with the costs of the products you love. I have put together some of the most popular furniture pieces with budget friendly alternatives.

People are in love with the Cloud Sofa from Restoration Hardware. What's not to love? If you are in lounging mood, this is where you want to be. The Cloud is comfy and great to look at but the price tag can be north of $10,000 depending on the configuration.

These are the original Restoration Hardware Cloud sofas in different configurations. They are modular so you can configure them however you'd like because they are sold by the piece.

Here are a few alternative cloud sofa dupes that I have found that are more budget friendly than the original.

  1. Sunset Trading Company on Amazon has almost the exact version of the cloud. In fact it is even call the Cloud Puff. There are different configurations and they provide many color options if you are trying to stay away from white.

  2. IThis is the modular sofa from Sunset Trading Company. It is almost an exact replica of the modular Restoration Hardware model.

  3. This is the Reed Piece Modular Customizable and Reconfigurable Deep Seating Sofa Sectional from If you want a more structured look this is the way to go.

  4. This sectional is from Meridian Furniture and its part of the Serene Collection. Also a bit more structured and comes in a few color options.

If there is one thing I can't stress enough when ordering furniture is to carefully measure your space! The last thing you want is your room to be swallowed up by the sofa or your sofa being lost in a room. Measure three times and map out the area in blue painters tape if needed so that you can get a visual of where it is going to go.

Next up, chairs! Is it me or are chairs these days expensive? It seems as if chairs are the most expensive part of a budget. Sometimes depending on the type of chair, it can cost more than a sofa or the dining room table. You also have to make sure that they are sturdy and can handle different weight capacities. These are replicas of some of the most popular Restoration Hardware chairs.

  1. Christopher Knight does it again with the Phinnaeus dining chair. If you didn't read my blog on outdoor furniture, make sure you do. Christopher Knight who is aka, Peter Brady from the 70's sitcom The Brady Bunch makes these amazing chairs and tons of other furniture as well. These are very popular for dining and are a good replica of the French Contemporary dining chair collectin at Restoration Hardware.

  2. These are my favorite chairs. Modern and classy. These are teh Modway Indulge and they come in a set of two. These are similar to the RH Modern Emery Collection.

  3. Who doesn't love a swivel chair? This is such a nice addition to any room in your house. This is the Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider. Comes in a few different colors. Rivels the Arden swivel chair from Restoration Hardware.

  4. Meet the Baxton Studio Chavanon Wood and Linen Traditional French Accent ChairThe beauty of Restoration Hardware is they elegantly pair classic looks with modern. I love this antique like chair that is an alternative for their French Contemporary Slope arm chair.

Now for the piece de resistance, lighting! It is one of the most important elements in making a room look great. When done right, lighting is impactful and sets the mood. The first thing most people notice when they walk into a Restoration Hardware Retail location is the lighting. I am practically blinded by all the crystal lamps they display and I love it. Here are some of my favorite ones that I have purchased for my home and have saved me thousands of dollars. They look very similar to the ones on display at the store, just more affordable.

  1. I am a sucker for bling and the Meelighting Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier is amazing. The pictures do not do it justice. If you want to make an impact, this is the chandelier to purchase.

  2. If you love the look of the 5 Tier but want a more modern take on it, go with the 2 tier Meelighting Crystal Chandelier. This is my favorite and I have it over my dining table.

  3. Sputnik lights are back and this one is great to mix up with your mid century decor or with any decor. It's always a good fit. The Efperfect Modern Sputnik Chandelier will give your room the wow factor it needs.

  4. If you are into clean modern lines the Corsica Round Chandelier is for you. This chandelier is stunning, modern, and would look perfect over a large entryway or living room.

  5. Modern Glam is always in style if done right. This Crystal Ring Chandelier would look beautiful in a contemporary or modern room.

Most of these lights come in different sizes and finishes.

I will post an assortment of all these on my amazon picks page. I hope these items can help you create "your pretty place."

*Please note, I am an Amazon affiliate. If you purchase from any of the links, I may be paid a commission but it doesn't not change or affect your purchase price.

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